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Continuing with the theme of 2020 – this year’s Seafair Triathlon will be a “Virtual Event.”

With the State of Washington’s extension of the stay at home order and phasing back into normalcy – we, unfortunately, will not have the opportunity to produce the Seafair Triathlon live at Seward Park in July and will not be issued a city permit.

However, we are still excited to swim, bike, and run with you – just from a bit of a distance.

RACE DATE – We will leave the 2020 Virtual Seafair Triathlon open until swag sells out. We will mail swag out after your registration is complete. you may take as long as needed to complete the event and log your results.

REGISTRATION OPTIONS (All Race Distances $60)

  1. Sprint Triathlon – .5 mile swim, 14 mile bike, 5K run
  2. Super Sprint Triathlon – .25 mile swim, 12 mile bike, 5K run
  3. Sprint Duathlon – 14 mile bike, 5K run
  4. Kids Triathlon – $30, either distance

RELAY TEAMSThere will be no 2 or 3 person relay team registrations in 2020. If you typically participate in the relay we urge you to challenge yourself. This is a a challenge for yourself. If you aren’t ready to complete the entire triathlon in a single day, that’s ok! Take your time, complete the different legs over multiple days. Save your times and enter them all once completed. This event, this year, is for you to challenge yourself and complete your goals! Have fun and encourage your relay team to do it with you!



How to “Race” a Triathlon Virtually

In a nutshell – you will complete your race distance on your own between now and August 9. Once completed, you will submit your different leg times to the official results page on our website. After that, you’re all set, and your medal, shirt, and other gear will hit your mailbox. 


*See Below for additional information about Results/Photos/Finisher Certificates

Swim Leg Instructions:

We know not everyone has access to a safe open water swimming location. For this year, we will be allowing participants to complete the swim leg several ways including paddle boarding, kayaking, core workouts, yoga and other cross-training exercises. If you have access to water and want to safely swim your race distance (half or quarter mile) do it! But for those who don’t – we have options. 

Swim Leg Options Include:

  • Swim: Open water or pool your proper race distance (.5 or .25 miles)
  • Paddle Boarding: 25 minutes for Sprint, 15 minutes for Super Sprint
  • Kayaking: 25 minutes for Sprint, 15 minutes for Super Sprint
  • Cross-Training Workout: If you don’t have access to something on water, you are welcome to complete another cross-training workout. This can include HIIT, Core Workout or other cross training exercise before your bike/run. You will need to exercise for 20+ minutes.

Bike Leg Instructions:

Normally we’d say to complete your normal race distance under the same rules but not everyone owns a bike. Some borrow, some rent. So – If you’re having trouble getting on a bike for your outdoor ride that’s ok! Feel free to complete your mileage on an indoor training bike like peloton or other stationary bike!

Run Leg Instructions:

Same as the bike leg, we encourage you to get outside and complete your 5K in some fresh air. But, if you’d rather complete the designated distance on a treadmill, feel free! Just make sure to crank the incline up halfway through for the hill you’ve gotta go up in Seward Park!


Because we cannot see participants on race day, we’ve upgraded our 2020 SWAG for participants to include:

  • 2020 Seafair TRI Tech-shirt (sublimated so no itchy print!)
  • Custom Race Bib
  • Branded Beach Towel (perfect for your transition area or… the beach!)
  • Branded Water Bottle
  • 2020 Finisher’s Medal

After you’ve registered for the virtual triathlon, SWAG will be mailed to your doorstep (included in your registration). Due All swag will mail out after you register, regardless of you completing your race or not.


Looking for a course to complete your virtual challenge at? The Seafair Triathlon course can still be a great course to use!

Swim Leg – Taking place in Andrews Bay at Lake Washington, this is a great option for swimmers participating alone. The bay is protected with a “no boat” area for swimmers to participate outside of the lifeguard section near the beach


Bike Leg – Lake Washington Blvd, from Seward Park to Madison Park, is a very heavily traveled roadway for bikers. With few hills and low numbers of vehicle traffic, it creates very safe riding conditions. Please see the Seafair Course Map for turn by turn directions

Run Leg – The 5K run course for the triathlon is completely contained within Seward Park, making it a great course to complete your triathlon on. View the full run course on the course map.


If the Seward Park area isn’t ideal for you to complete your triathlon, that’s ok! You can complete your virtual triathlon anywhere best for you!


Due to popular demand, we’ve added the Kids Triathlon as a virtual option as well! Similar as the adult triathlon, kids can complete either the long course or short course, whichever they are comfortable with. If swimming isn’t an option, kids can also complete a cross-training exercise, or swim with lifejackets.

Long Course: 100 yard swim, 2-mile bike ride, 1-mile run

Short Course: 50 yard swim (wading water), 1-mile bike ride, .5-mile run

KIDS SWAG: All kids triathlon participants will receive:

  • Seafair Triathlon Beach Towel
  • Seafair Tri Water Bottle
  • Seafair Tri Finisher Medal
  • Seafair Tri Race Bib
  • *Kids will not receive a race shirt

Once completed – Enter your kids race times for each leg (swim, bike, run) and wait for your swag!


After completing your triathlon, you can log your results HERE
Results only need to be recorded as an overall time. You do not need to track your splits or your transition times. We know participating virtually means some participants may need to lock up their bikes or have other safety mechanisms in place which might slow one down compared to a live race. Keep track of your three splits, add them together and enter them at the end!

We’ve also added some cool features for finishers as well. All finishers will be able to download a finisher certificate showing their completion of the triathlon. To do so, visit the results page and search for yourself with either your name or bib number. Once on your page, click finisher certificate and print it out! Find your Finisher Certificate HERE

Don’t forget to take photos during your triathlon experience. New this year, participants will have the opportunity to upload their selfies and add our Seafair Triathlon overlays to their photos to show off their accomplishments! So get some pics of you knocking out each leg of your triathlon and of course the finish line, upload them and choose your overlay! Upload your selfies HERE


  • How much does the virtual TRI cost? All races will be $60
  • How do I register? You can register using the “REGISTER NOW” button above
  • Where is the event? The event is Virtual, so it’s actually anywhere you’d like it to be!
  • What are the race distances? Those depend on the event you’ve registered for. All distances are listed above.
  • What if I don’t have access to swim? That’s ok! 2020 is a different year. We are offering participants other options to do in leui of swimming. See above for other options
  • I do it for the SWAG! What do I receive for participating? All participants will receive a race shirt, finisher medal, water bottle and beach towel
  • How do I receive my SWAG? All SWAG will be mailed to registered participants
  • How do I submit results? After completion, you can submit your results HERE or to the results tab above


Questions or comments? Please do not hesitate to reach out to our race team at:

Please be sure to include the event (Seafair Triathlon) within your subject line or question.