Virtual Seafair Triathlon

Currently, the 2024 Seafair Triathlon does not plan to offer a virtual option for participation. If you’re interested in possibly competing virtually, please shoot us an email. This decision could change if the demand is there.

Wondering how we’ve produced a virtual triathlon in the past? Read below…

In 2021 and previous – this is how a participant completed the Seafair Triathlon… VIRTUALLY!

What’s virtual mean you ask? All participants, adult or kids will be able to take on the Seafair Triathlon from the comfort of their own home, on their own time.


Adult Triathlon – $40

Kids Triathlon – $30


All participants will need to complete their triathlon by one week after the scheduled live triathlon. This means all participants have until August 1 to complete their triathlon.


How to “Race” a Triathlon Virtually

In a nutshell – you will complete your race distance on your own between now and August 1. Once completed, you will submit your different leg times to the official results page on our website. After that, you’re all set, and your medal, shirt, and other gear will hit your mailbox one week prior to the live Seafair Triathlon (7/18)


*See Below for additional information about Results/Photos/Finisher certificates 

Swim Leg Instructions:

We know not everyone has access to a safe open water swimming location. For this year, we will be allowing participants to complete the swim leg several ways including paddle boarding, kayaking, core workouts, yoga and other cross- training exercises. If you have access to water and want to safely swim your race distance (half or quarter mile) do it! But for those who don’t – we have options.

Swim Leg Options Include:

Swim: Open water or pool your proper race distance (.5 or .25 miles) Paddle Boarding: 25 minutes for Sprint, 15 minutes for Super Sprint Kayaking: 25 minutes for Sprint, 15 minutes for Super Sprint

Cross-Training Workout: If you don’t have access to something on water, you are welcome to complete another cross-training workout. This can include HIIT, Core Workout or other cross training exercise before your bike/run. You will need to exercise for 20+ minutes.

Bike Leg Instructions:

Normally we’d say to complete your normal race distance under the same rules but not everyone owns a bike. Some borrow, some rent. So – If you’re having trouble getting on a bike for your outdoor ride that’s ok! Feel free to complete your mileage on an indoor training bike like peloton or other stationary bike!

Run Leg Instructions:

Same as the bike leg, we encourage you to get outside and complete your 5K in some fresh air. But, if you’d rather complete the designated distance on a treadmill, feel free! Just make sure to crank the incline up halfway through for the hill you’ve gotta go up in Seward Park!


  • 2021 Seafair TRI Tech Running Top
  • Custom Race Bib
  • 2021 Finisher’s Medal

After you’ve registered for the virtual triathlon, SWAG will be mailed to your doorstep, included in your race registration the week before the in-person race – 7/18


Similar as the adult triathlon, kids can complete either the long course or short course, whichever they are comfortable with. If swimming isn’t an option, kids can also complete a cross-training exercise, or swim with lifejackets.

Long Course: 100 yard swim, 2-mile bike ride, 1-mile run
Short Course: 50 yard swim (wading water), 1-mile bike ride, .5-mile run 


All kids triathlon participants will receive:

  • Seafair Tri Kids Finisher Medal
  • Seafair Tri Kids Tech Shirt
  • Seafair Tri Race Bib

Once completed – Enter your kids race times for each leg (swim, bike, run) and wait for your swag which will be mailed to their doorstep!