Sunday, July 21
Seward Park



  • When is the race? The race is set for Sunday, July 21, 2019
  • Where is the race located? Seward Park, Seattle
  • When/Where do I collect my race “stuff”? – Saturday, July 20 at Seward Park between 12:30pm – 4:30pm at the pre-race expo or on race day before 6:30am
  • What kind of goodies do I get for participating?
    • 2019 Seafair Triathlon participant top
    • 2019 Finisher Medal
    • Timing Chip, Swim Cap
      • What about goggles? Goggles are not provided by the race, but highly encouraged!
    • Personalized Race Bib
  • What distances are offered?
    • Sprint Distance
    • 2 & 3 person sprint distance relay teams
    • Sprint Distance Duathlon
    • Super Sprint Distance
    • Kids long & short courses
  • Is Lake Washington cold? Shouldn’t be – Typically the average temperature in July is about 68 degrees.
  • What about milfoil? You shouldn’t have any issues here either. The city typically cuts the milfoil around July 4.
  • Where do I park? Parking IS NOT allowed in Seward Park, but will be available in legal parking spots in the surrounding neighborhoods. Please pay attention to “no-parking” signs as certain roads are used for the bike portion of the triathlon and therefore no-parked for the day
  • Is this race sanctioned by USA Triathlon? No – what this means is you do not have to be an annual member of USAT of 1-Day member.
  • Is there prize money? YES – there will be prize money awards for the top finishers of the sprint distance elite-wave. $200 for 1st (m/f) plus free entry to 2020, $100 for 2nd (m/f) plus free entry to 2020 and a free race entry to 2019 for 3rd place (m/f)
  • How do I enter the elite wave? Please email us with your past 3 race times and placements in a comparable distance –


  • Can I draft? Nope! Triathlon rules state that you need to keep at least a 3 bike length distance at all times unless passing. If passing, you have 15 seconds to make the pass or fall back
  • How bout headphones? No again. It is extremely unsafe to ride with headphones. If we see you wearing headphones on the bike course, we will pull you from the race.
    • What about on the run course in Seward Park? Sure, please keep the volume low enough to hear people and emergency vehicles around you though.
  • Do I need to wear a helmet? YES – When touching your bike (even in the transition zone) you helmet must be on and the chin strap fastened, for your safety
  • Can I ride my bike from my bike rack? Nope – You must walk/run your bike to/from your rack in the transition zone. You will not be allowed to mount your bike until the “bike mount” line on Lake Washington Blvd and you must dismount your bike at the “bike dismount” line before re-entering the transition zone
  • Can I wear my wetsuit? Of course! wetsuits will keep your body temperature up (and help you float a bit better)
    • What about my drysuit? Nope – Drysuits are not allowed (and really not needed, water temps will average 68 degrees)
    • I can wear a life jacket right? No life jackets or any other flotation devices will be allowed in the water either (please email us for special circumstances at
    • What if I get tired on the swim? We recommend flipping to your back and continuing. If that doesn’t help, you are allowed to hold on to a lifeguards surfboard and rest. If they tow you in, you’ll be disqualified from awards but will be allowed to continue to the bike and run
      • Ok, I get it, but my kids can right? YES! Your kids can wear a life jacket and/or water wings if needed, whatever gets them to the finish line!

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